Our Vision


What Is A Church?

The word "church" came into the English language from the German word "Kirche" and first appeared in the Old Saxon as "Kirka" and later in Old English as "Circe."

Its first meaning was "a circle" and it was used to denote the daughter of the sun god. As the English Bible began to develop, the Greek word " ku-ri-a-kos " became associated with the word "Circe" and the definition "of the Lord" was applied. The Greek word " ku-ri-a-kos " was never applied to The Gathering of Believers in the New Testament but was used to describe "The Day of the Lord" or "The Lord's"

In modern times the word "church" has been applied to a Christian religious organization where people congregate and belong. This is in spite of the fact that this word never had that meaning. In the past 500 years we have redefined this word and applied it to an institution.

The first place the English word "church" appears in the Scripture is Matthew 16:18 and is attributed to Jesus. However, he never used the word "Ku-ri-a-kos" but instead used the word "Ekklesia" which simply means "A called out Gathering." This is why we have chosen to call ourselves a Gathering rather than a church as it better describes who we were meant to be.

A Gathering's Vision

Our vision for a Gathering is five-fold and is as follows:

1. WE ARE A FAMILY. All who gather with us will immediately become part of our family for as long as the Lord chooses to have them here. We do not practice "membership" as this is not found in Scripture. If you are part of the Body of Christ through salvation you are a member in union with our Gathering.

2. WE DESIRE TO CREATE AN ORGANIC ENVIRONMENT. Too many things associated with the Christian experience are not organic. We have artificially created a system which distracts people from an intimate relationship with God. Our vision is to create an environment where you are free to become everything God desires you to be.

3. WE DESIRE FREEDOM. Not only do we desire freedom from artificial religious bondage but we desire freedom from uniformity. God did not make us all the same so that we would act, look or think the same way. He has placed each part of the Body exactly where he desires them to be. If allowed, he will cause you to become your true spiritual self. Unity is not the same as uniformity.

4. WE DESIRE TO "BE." For most people the Christian experience has become a system of "do's and don'ts." The Bible warns us in Colossians 2:16-23 that making religious rules "lacks any value against the fleshly desires." We believe that God created us to "be" his children rather than struggling to serve a legalistic system. In this way, we are able to keep God's commandments out of an intimate relationship with Father as he empowers us to live free from all bondage. You are free to "be" spiritually who God made you to be.

5. WE DESIRE TO TOUCH OTHERS FOR CHRIST. Throughout the New Testament we find that Holy Spirit led all believers to engage in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Out of that intimacy the Believer would reproduce spiritually by sharing what was inside them with others. Unfortunately, the Church has pawned this off on a professional clergy. But as nature teaches us, it is the sheep that reproduce, not the shepherd.

What Now?


Even if you do not come to one of our Gatherings, I encourage you to find a true New Testament Gathering where you will be able to fellowship with other believers who are seeking to know Father in Spirit and truth. John 4:24

You can also join our large online Gatherings to hear sound biblical teach and encouragement. Like our Facebook page and join the fun!

Our online vision is to have 10,000 believers watching each week. Help us spread the word!